A Note from Cheri Harkleroad

Owner of Craft & Clover, a Digital Marketing Agency

Craft & Clover was born out of the need to fulfill client needs for honest, ethical and creative digital marketing solutions. After seeing some shady practices go down in the digital industry, I decided to combine my passion for marketing, my digital marketing expertise and my innate sense of purpose to improve the human experience. It was through this effort that Craft & Clover was born.

It is our mission to provide premium digital marketing services that are exceptional, clean, honest and affordable, even for start-up companies. We do not cut corners and we pride ourselves in doing our jobs at 110% – even when nobody is looking.

One thing you won’t find with Craft & Clover is the use of high-pressure sales tactics. We believe in partnering with clients who are a good fit for our agency. Sure, it’s always a little nerve-wracking to let an outside agency assist you with something you have likely worked years to build, and that’s why we want each client to feel comfortable choosing us. We encourage each potential client to do their research and determine the best digital marketing agency for their needs. While we are confident in our capacity to help you succeed, if you decide we are not a good fit for your company, we will be happy to find you an agency that is.

Every employee, partner and vendor of Craft & Clover exercises a commitment to quality and honesty and our clients know they have a trusted friend in business. We promote a transparent business environment that stimulates growth, opportunity and the capacity to do what we love. We want to be sure that every touch point of Craft & Clover is left better than we found it and are committed to providing an exceptional experience for all involved.


Cheri Harkleroad

Owner, Designer and Marketing Expert

Craft & Clover