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digital marketing expert cheri harkleroad
Cheri Harkleroad
Owner, Designer & Marketing Expert
Cheri Harkleroad has been a part of the San Diego community for more than 30 years. Over the last two decades, she has developed a solid marketing reputation and is now known for her ability to develop successful marketing strategies, find top-converting audiences, connect with prospective buyers and walk individuals through each stage of the buying process.

Ms. Harkleroad raises the bar with a background in sociology, psychology, and research and analysis. Leveraging her breadth of education in these disciplines, Ms. Harkleroad helps businesses understand the principles of buyer psychology, influence consumer behavior, and create marketing strategies based on careful research and analysis.

As traditional marketing increasingly came to include digital marketing, Ms. Harkleroad’s combined love for technology and marketing was an easy and natural fit. Over several years, Ms. Harkleroad shifted her focus to digital marketing and has become a trusted expert for individuals and companies looking to improve their digital presence. She has mastered SEO tactics, design and development of WordPress websites and the development of successful marketing strategies, while maintaining her place at the leading edge through extensive on-going education.

After realizing the need for transparent digital marketing services and agencies that can cover all digital marketing needs under one roof, Ms. Harkleroad opened her own digital marketing agency to bridge the gap. It is her sincerest wish to provide services that solve problems, improve bottom lines, and ultimately nurture business relationships built on trust, achievement and partnership.

When she’s not building websites, analyzing data and/or creating winning campaigns for her clients, she strives to be a great mom of two beautiful kids, a trusted alpha to her canine buddy, Mikey, and a not-totally-slow marathon runner in both domestic and international races.

graphic designer jen cochrane
Jen Cochrane
Senior Designer
It all started with a t-shirt (it was rad) and a band (her rock band, specifically), and that was all it took to get Jen Cochrane completely hooked on graphic design way back in 2000.

In addition to working on graphic design projects and websites for bands and businesses, Jen worked full time as an optician and, later, an optical manager, developing a passion for marketing and entrepreneurship along the way.

This background of both creative work and business experience gives Jen a unique and valuable edge, because she knows that entrepreneurs and businesses (and bands!) want more than just a pretty picture. They also want results.

In her design work, Jen doesn’t simply focus on making things look as clean and gorgeous as possible. She also learns about you and your company from the inside out. She dives deep and discovers who you are as a business, who you aspire to be, and exactly what results you are looking for, and then learns the same things about your target market of potential customers. This allows her to design work that captures and expresses the essence of your business while also attracting the attention of exactly the people you want to speak to.

When she is not behind the screen of her laptop, she is busy traveling the world as a digital nomad with her two sons. Their goal is to touch every ocean by the time they turn 18.

image of san diego public relations specialist Kim Deese
Kimberly Deese
Public Relations Specialist
Kim is a passionate digital marketing and public relations professional. She has a passion for building relationships, conveying meaningful messages through the written word, and reaching the right audiences on a variety of channels. Kim is an active member and volunteer of the San Diego Public Relations Society of America and has worked on several award-winning campaigns. When she is not working she is hiking with her chihuahua-yorkie Emma, relaxing on the beach, attending fun events in SD, or traveling to new places around the world.
san diego copywriter tamra walker
Tamra Walker
Tamra Walker has been a freelance copywriter for over a decade. Combined with a career in business management for the behavioral healthcare field, her wealth of experience offers a unique perspective and writing voice for the clients we serve. Now working exclusively as a writer, Tamra creates quality website content, engaging blog articles, marketing materials, compliance and regulatory documentation, operational handbooks, educational materials, and more.

As a creative writer, Tamra has crafted a picture book series for young children, two screenplays, and she is currently working on her first novel. Her stories explore the limitless realities that reside within commonplace settings.

Tamra earned BFA and MFA degrees in Creative Writing. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother, and a devoted Red Sox fan (go Sox!). When she doesn’t have her head in a book or her fingers on the keys, you can find her trekking the rivers and trails of Portland, Oregon.

Zach Smith
Senior Developer
Zach is the senior developer at Craft & Clover and is responsible for leading the development of custom client projects. With a B.S. in computer science, and over 15 years of experience, Zach can make even the most difficult projects come to life. Zach's primary goal is to efficiently deliver the highest quality projects, each meeting Craft & Clover’s high standards for technical excellence.

Whether you're dreaming of a new custom website with complex functions, or your site code just needs some TLC, Zach has it handled.

martha dolan web designer
Martha Dolan
Designer & WordPress Expert
Martha Dolan is one of our WordPress experts - there isn't a WordPress or design problem she can't tackle. She is highly experienced in WordPress website design and development and has developed more than 300 WordPress websites in the past few years. She places a strong emphasis on unique, elegant design in her work and is truly passionate about each and every project.