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Does the term “heads in beds” make you cringe? Yeah, us, too.

We know in order to reduce stigma surrounding mental health, language matters. That’s why we approach the topic with sensitivity, authenticity, and compassion. To us, helping you raise your census is about normalizing the process and making treatment accessible for those who need it.

It is our mission to amplify the messages of the best treatment centers, to make them stand out and rise above the rest, so when someone is ready for treatment, they are presented with options for the highest quality, trauma-informed care at centers that humanize their experience.

Rehab Marketing That Works: We Don’t Waste Your Time

Because we specialize in treatment center marketing, we know what works, and what doesn’t. We have a deep understanding of what your facility needs and have distilled our methods down to the most effective strategies, methods and tactics, so you don’t waste any time getting in front of those who need your help.

Just as importantly, we know your market. We know how to reach your audience, where to reach them, and how to inspire action with gentle, yet powerful, trauma-informed language. To us, your clients and patients are just as important to us as you are.

We help you help others with services specifically designed for successful marketing of IOPs, PHPs, and residential treatment centers:

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