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SEO for rehabs, therapists, holistic health providers, and nonprofits is tough. They’re all highly competitive, saturated markets, and to stand out, it takes a team that really understands the details.

We are that team.

  • We specialize in helping the changemakers of society. – our learning curve is small so we can get to work right away.
  • We know what SEO tactics work for your market – we don’t waste time or money with methods that don’t work.
  • We match you in your passion to help others – we are driven to work harder and smarter, knowing better results means more people get the help they need.
  • We speak your language – we embrace messaging aimed to honor and validate individuals who struggle. Rest assured, we work to reduce stigma in every interaction with your potential clients.
  • We only partner with people and organizations on missions we can get behind – which means you get an agency that is truly invested in your cause.

You Belong at the Top. We’ll help you get there.

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Our Approach

  • Driven by Data – We use the most up-to-date,evidence-based SEO tactics and make data-driven decisions at every stage of your campaign.
  • White Hat – We play by Google’s rules for long-lasting results and to minimize the risk of penalty.
  • Collaborative –SEO success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We work with you and your team to ensure that everything you do online is focused on attracting the right clients and meeting your objectives.
  • Tailored – Just as treatment isn’t one-size-fits-all, neither is SEO. We customize our services based on your needs, goals, budget, and resources to get you the best results and value possible.
  • Targeted – It’s not just about more traffic, it’s about better traffic through strategic targeting, which means higher-quality, more responsive leads for you.

Our Process

  • Assess: An open discussion with key stakeholders to determine goals, needs, resources, past efforts, and fit.
  • Diagnose: Conduct thorough research (your specific business, market demographics, competitors, site health, and current online presence) to diagnose the problem and find opportunities.
  • Prescribe: Develop a comprehensive strategy and step-by-step plan custom tailored to your diagnosis.
  • Apply: Implement solutions, including on-page and off-page optimization, leaning heavily on content and earned links to improve your rank, increase your traffic, and bring you better leads.
  • Monitor & Adjust: Successful SEO initiatives require consistent monitoring and adjustment to stay ahead of an ever-changing landscape.
  • Communication: You’ll hear from us on a regular basis to review the growth of your campaign.

Our Professional SEO Services – You Have Options

  • SEO Audit – For those who just want to check up on their site health and SEO performance.
  • SEO Foundation – Ideal for smaller clients, or those in less-competitive niches, who don’t need or want a full SEO package. We’ll launch your SEO campaign and show you how to take it from there.
  • SEO Retainer Packages – Ideal for larger clients and those in extremely competitive niches (particularly rehabs). We offer a few options to fit your needs and budget and no matter which one you choose, we take care of everything so you can focus on what you do best.
  • SEO Training/Consulting – Ideal for those who have internal resources to carry out an initiative, but just need some training, guidance, problem solving, or strategy & planning. We offer hourly consulting, as well as full-day, custom workshops for entire teams.

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Our digital marketing services are making an impact for rehabs, mental health professionals, and nonprofits.

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Pricing Considerations

The cost for professional SEO services can vary greatly depending on the quality of the agency, the needs of your business, the health of your site, and your current online presence.

Most retainer minimums at qualified agencies start at $500/month for local campaigns or providers in low-competition markets. For national campaigns, or organizations in highly competitive markets, the average range is $2500-$5,000 per month. You can read more about pricing here.

The one constant in SEO pricing is that you get what you pay for. We will give you an honest price based on what it will take for your website to succeed. Contact us today to discuss your options.

SEO Testimonials

Jessica Yaffa , CPC

Domestic Violence Expert & Relationship Coach

I have been a client of Craft & Clover’s since their inception and have continually been blown away by who they are as well as the work that they do. Cheri (the owner) and her team are not only an absolute delight to work with, but boy do they know their stuff!

Tom Horvath, Ph.D., ABPP

Psychologist & President of Practical Recovery

I have worked with Craft & Clover since it began. They have done all that I have asked, and have maintained a top ranking for my website… The number of unique visitors to our site each month keeps growing and we compete well against much larger companies. We are in no danger of being downgraded by search engines because their SEO techniques are legitimate. If Craft & Clover can be effective in our market, I expect they could help anyone.

Reya Kost, Psy.D.

Psychologist & Co-Founder of Connected, Seen & Heard

Cheri and Craft & Clover have ALL of my business from this point forward.

Sky Soleil


After my initial consultation it was clear they were the right choice. Cheri was knowledgable and extremely helpful with the full SEO audit and website optimization I was looking for. On top of that the SEO strategy they crafted was personally tailored to my exact business needs and the results are already starting to speak for themselves. Big thanks to Cheri and her team

Maegan Casanova, Psy.D.


A company I was contracting with hired Craft & Clover to help with our website development, SEO, and additional marketing research/materials. I was the direct contact for Cheri and her team. I must say- I have never had a professional transaction go so smooth.