LinkedIn Company Cover Image Dimensions

We. Tried. Everything.

We tried Canvas templates. We tried Photoshop, using “tested for success” dimensions we found on various websites online. 

We tested. We failed. We cried. We might even have cursed under our breath a little bit… Ok, so it wasn’t quite under our breath, but there were no kids in the room, so it was OK. 

Designing images for your LinkedIn profile can be one of the most frustrating things on the planet. Aside from getting stuck in the slowest moving line at the grocery store, gathering up all the stuff that you’ve put on the counter, moving to a different line, and that line moving even slower….

We can’t really figure out why LinkedIn can’t just give us a straight answer as to what size we need to use so that our cover images display properly. We understand that things get sized differently for mobile, and we understand that images get cropped on the desktop version, but the amount of cropping is, honestly, pretty ridiculous. Comparative to a professional photographer cropping off the heads of all your family members in the annual Christmas portrait-level ridiculous. 

And, instead of actually just letting us know what dimensions of images would be optimal, and informing us about which areas will be cropped or shown on different devices, LinkedIn just says this:

“Your cover image may have to be adjusted to fit the screen which may involve trimming the image horizontally or vertically. We recommend uploading a high-quality image with as little text as possible to ensure an optimal display on all devices and screen sizes. Our accepted image formats for uploads are PNG or JPEG.”

While this statement is accurate, it also makes us feel the same way we felt when we were kids and informed our dad that “It hurts when I do this with my arm,” to which he glibly replied, “Ok, well, don’t do that, then.” 

The best solution to the problem?

Don’t get your hopes up about creating a magnificent, informative LinkedIn company cover image dimensions with your slogan and other text, and just design something that will tolerate being cropped into oblivion. Something like the Beatles White Album cover, or one of those modern art paintings of just three or four nested squares by Josef Albers. 

Seriously though, we recommend something small and centered in your image, or turning your logo into a repeating pattern, or even featuring a gorgeous photo of your product that would look just as good shown in full or in part, and you should be OK. 

Let us know if you need any help!

Humbled by what our clients have to say about us

Jessica Yaffa, CPC

Domestic Violence Expert & Relationship Coach

I have been a client of Craft & Clover's since their inception and have continually been blown away by who they are as well as the work that they do. Cheri (the owner) and her team are not only an absolute delight to work with, but boy do they know their stuff! Time and time again they have created campaigns, graphics and have made suggestions that have ultimately grown my business. Not to mention, they also created a beautiful and well-performing website, marketing materials that are stunning and social media campaigns that draw a tremendous amount of engagement. All of this said, their rates are insanely reasonable and their communication is above average!

Erin Elmore, Psy.D.

Child Psychologist

Craft & Clover not only met, but exceeded my expectations. Cheri and her team are creative geniuses, were easy to work with, and were always careful to listen to my requests and ensure I was satisfied with the product. I am so proud of my website and couldn't have done it without them! Highly recommended.

Jacob Speer

Practitioner and Co-Founder of Brain RX

Overall a truly great experience with creating our website and adjusting it to the many needs we had. Very responsive and quick to make any changes that you need!

Christina Chopin

Behavioral Health Management Consultant

I would give Craft & Clover 10 stars if I could. I met Cheri several years ago when I was building a new company. Her expertise has been invaluable, and she's been my first call ever since as I've continued to create and support other companies. Cheri is an exceptional human being. Her talent and body of work speak for itself. I trust her completely. Cheri is the consummate professional and continues to prove her devotion to continued mastery of her craft. It is a privilege to work with her.

Shiloh Reed

Former VP of No Silence, No Violence

Cheri is nothing short of perfection! She has a vision that is spot on, and an incredible sense of art + content collaboration. She's incredibly professional, easy to work with and very supportive of making your vision come to life. Her attention to detail and creativity is what makes her stand out above all. I highly recommend you working with Cheri for any needs you may have as she is a wealth of knowledge with endless resources, creativity and an immense passion for what she does. I have yet to find anyone else as amazing as her!!

Tom Horvath, Ph.D.

Psychologist and President of Practical Recovery

The number of unique visitors to our site each month keeps growing and we compete well against much larger companies. We are in no danger of being downgraded by search engines because their SEO techniques are legitimate. If Craft & Clover can be effective in our market, I expect they could help anyone.

Maegan Casanova, Psy.D. (a client who loved us so much, she joined the team!)


I have never had a professional transaction go so smooth. Communication is timely and clear. The platforms they use to communicate are user friendly and have ease of use. The creative ability if the team Cheri has work for her continued to amaze me. I would highly recommend Craft & Clover for your marketing and website development/optimization needs.

Reya Kost, Psy.D.

Psychologist and Co-Founder of Connected, Seen & Heard

I had my first meeting for a brand new company today and was blown away. Cheri was able to provide the exact information we were looking for and explain it in a way that was understandable to non-marketing minds. She is so thoughtful and knowledgeable, makes you feel very comfortable asking (stupid) questions, and genuinely cares about seeing you succeed. Cheri and Craft & Clover have ALL of my business from this point forward.

Sky Soleil


I hired Craft & Clover specifically for their digital marketing services. After my initial consultation it was clear they were the right choice. Cheri was knowledgable and extremely helpful with the full SEO audit and website optimization I was looking for. On top of that the SEO strategy they crafted was personally tailored to my exact business needs and the results are already starting to speak for themselves. Big thanks to Cheri and her team. An absolute pleasure to work with.